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Who We Are


Glen Muir

Glen trained in Religious Studies where he gained a B.A. (Honours) at the University of Toronto, and with a B.Ed. from Mt. St. Vincent University he taught Economics and History in Toronto and Auckland for many years.

Glen has held many leadership roles spanning 4 decades and now pastors a home fellowship with his wife, Anne.  His spiritual life draws from contemplative, liturgical, evangelistic and charismatic streams of Christian experience.

Glen has trained in various inner healing prayer ministries, including Elijah House, Bethel Sozo and HeartSync

He has also gained a Graduate Diploma in Applied Psychology, completed the Treating Trauma Masters Series with NICABM, completed Gabor Mate's Compassionate Inquiry Course and continues soul therapy training in other modalities. 

Anne Muir

Spiritual Director, Inner Healing Minister and Creative Therapy Practitioner

Anne is a trained Spiritual Director, having graduated from the CenterQuest School of Spiritual Direction in Pasadena, California. A compassionate discerning director, she has a passion for helping people discover the joy and freedom of journeying closely with Jesus. 


Anne is also a trained Bethel Sozo inner healing and deliverance minister and leads the Sozo Team at Catch the Fire Church in Auckland, New Zealand. She has developed Revelation Drawing, a unique inner healing modality that combines Sozo tools, brain science and Interactive Drawing Therapy. 


Anne had several years in grief support counselling, and also is fully trained in Dream Interpretation through Streams Ministries (Pacific). She recently graduated top of her class in Heart-Sync Ministries.

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These videos explain some of inner healing modalities

How Elijah House inner healing works

This video illustrates and explains how the 5-step model of Inner Healing works in Elijah House prayer ministry. One of the methods I employ as appropriate in Soul Care Prayer.

How Bethel Sozo inner healing works

This video illustrates and explains the basics of what the Bethel Sozo Inner Healing method does.