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Welcome to  Soul Care

Looking For Soul Transformation?

What is Soul Transformation all about?

 The soul is composed of the heart, will and mind, but remedies for the unhealthy soul focus mainly on transforming the will and mind.  If the heart is sick, what is the cure?


Why not enlist the help of the Holy Spirit to release the pain, get Jesus to heal the wound and Father-God to renew your heart?

How does SoulCare Prayer Work?

The starting point in our Soul Transformation therapy is SoulCare Prayer which brings immediate healing for the often-neglected wounded heart. This therapy is simply a conversation that invites God to reveal your heart’s wound, release the pain and speak the truth that sets you free. This is not counselling or teaching.  We facilitate the conversation to help you listen to your heart and hear God's perspective when you realise what has wounded your heart or blocked your mind.


We are trained and experienced in several inner-healing modalities, including Elijah House, Bethel Sozo and HeartSync. Our 90-minute sessions take a familiar pattern of tapping into what is pressing upon your mind, then attuning your heart to hearing where the pain is, and letting in God to comfort, heal and restore. It's amazing how He faithfully brings healing to your heart and sets your soul free!


Talk therapies or counselling may take many sessions to get to the bottom of what is blocking the flow of God’s love and life to your soul.  With SoulCare Prayer, expect to see Soul Transformation after one session, although more complex issues will take several sessions. Take this opportunity today to invest in your most precious asset – your soul!


“Guard your heart above all else, for it determines the course of your life.” Proverbs 4:23, NLT

Why do Christians need Soul Transformation since they are born again?

Renowned philosopher-theologian Dallas Willard (author of Hearing God and Renovation of the Heart) said it best: “The results are in. We are not doing a good job of being transformed into the image of Jesus Christ.”


Your sins may be forgiven but the goal is to live a life characterised by love, joy and peace.  We neglect processing our fears and negative emotions at our peril. Our wills cannot choose what our hearts cannot stand. Teaching the mind will not heal the heart.


Heart wounds are caused by emotional trauma, which can so easily leave us stuck in despair or destructive patterns of behaviour.  That means our best intentions to "do the right thing" gets sabotaged by unconscious desires for unmet needs for love and protection.


Brain science can explain why this is happening. We have unconscious parts of the brain that overrides our informed analytical part. And our control centre operates out of an identity that is shaped by our experience of love.


“And to know the love of Christ that surpasses knowledge, that you may be filled with all the fullness of God.” Ephesians 3:19 ESV

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Can Soul Transformation work for non-Christians?

Believer in Jesus as saviour or not, we all want to live a life of peace, joy and fulfilment. If your pursuit of popular teaching and techniques have left you unsatisfied, there is another road less travelled.


While we operate within the framework of Christian theology, our services extend to anyone of any faith or non-faith.  We honour what you believe and only seek to know what the Holy Spirit might reveal to you.


Soul Transformation is for anyone who is sensing blockage in your soul that makes you feel spiritually impotent or stagnant. It is for those who long for the abundant life that Jesus promised and to be released into your destiny.

The End Result (About Online Session)

  • Inner (emotional) wounds will get healed, which will no longer block your ability to carry out your best intentions. 

  • Your mind will gain clarity of the truth, how to love well and live wisely.

  • You will feel more joyful, peaceful and gain energy (renewed strength).

  • You will gain a greater understanding and high worth of your identity.

  • You will be set free to love others and thereby improve your connection in key relationships which is fulfilling and deeply gratifying.


Let Anne or Glen at SoulCare Prayer get your heart healed of its emotional wounds so you will find new freedom to operate as your true self and find wholeness to every part of you. 



  • Reduce anxiety

  • Increase peace

  • Gain fresh hope

  • Upgrade your connection with God

  • Open your soul’s prison doors

  • Set your heart free with truth

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Hear from those who experienced it!

''It was like having a Dad imparting wisdom that will equip and empower me in my attachment to God and others; I’m very grateful. Thank you so much, I felt loved and cared for all through the ministry time.  NM, January, 2021''

“(Session via Zoom) "There was a powerful presence in my home on moments of breakthrough led by Anne, which allowed me to release things to God, hear his voice, feel his closeness and freedom. Was grateful for her wisdom, insight and being led by the Holy Spirit which gave a lot of clarity to me about the situation in my life and enabled those areas to receive healing.” JB, October, 2020"

What SoulCare Prayer does

"I was amazed at how a huge burden lifted from me and I felt a joy like I haven't known in years. I highly recommend this Christian Healing Ministry"

Stephan, age 57