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Sozo inner healing

This approach remove blockages between you and God. It will restore or deepen your spiritual life because you will hear Him better and become more aware of His presence.


Gentle Inquiry

This approach will sensitively discover and defuse the pain that drives dysfunction in your soul.

Ideal for getting to the bottom of addictions or impulsive triggers. Also ideal for not referencing God if that is your preference.


Heart-Mind Sync

This approach resolves the disconnect or battle between your mind and heart. It goes deep the emotional parts that have been tragically wounded that your brain doesn't want to know about. Applicable for Christians and non-Christians alike.

Can SoulCare Prayer work for non-Christians?
Yes, it can!

You don't have to be a believer in Jesus as saviour to benefit from this therapy. We can speak to your heart or "God as you understand Him".

Listen to Glen explain about it

Here Glen describes the basic approach for all sessions.  Yet each one takes a unique path and we are always attentive to what is going on for our clients, respecting where they are wanting to go, and stopping when they don't want to go further.

How does SoulCare Prayer Work?

SoulCare Prayer is a conversation between God and your heart - not your mind.

The facilitator does not counsel nor work out what's wrong. They only gently guide - with honour and compassion - questions to for you to ask God. It will be incredible what you hear in response in a safe environment!  You will get the truth your heart needs to hear. The truth to overturn false beliefs that have kept you stuck for a long time.


This process heals your emotional parts that have been overwhelmed in the past, usually in childhood, that resulted in a disconnection within your soul. The truth of what happened and how you decided to cope with it is buried in your amygdala - where the trauma is kept alive. This is what will be uncovered so it can be healed and then released.


When those wounds are healed, and those lies expose and replaced with the truth - that is when you will be set free from your past. We don't counsel nor need to talk about it in depth. We simply guide the conversation in a compassionate manner with the help of the Holy Spirit - or just listening to your heart speak. 

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