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Inner Healing

What is Inner Healing?

Inner Healing aims to heal emotional parts that have been overwhelmed in the past, usually in childhood, that resulted in a disconnection within one's soul. The truth of what happened and how you decided to cope is buried within.  Our sessions aims to heal those wounds, expose those lies and replace them with the truth that will set you free. We don't counsel nor need to talk about it in depth. We simply guide the conversation in a compassionate manner with the help of the Holy Spirit - or just listening to your heart speak. 

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Can SoulCare Prayer work for non-Christians?

You don't have to be a believer in Jesus as saviour to benefit from this therapy. He came that all might live a life of peace, joy and fulfilment! 


Connect with God as you understand Him, or just have a conversation with your own heart. We can adjust the level of God-involvement that respects whatever faith you have. 

There is a choice of therapy

We practice several inner-healing modalities, each one with a unique approach:


Compassionate Inquiry - developed by Dr. Gabor Mate, specialising in healing addictions.


Elijah House - developed by John and Paula Sanford, specialising in breaking off sinful influences.


Bethel Sozo - developed by Dawna DaSilva and Theresa Leibischer, specialing in connection with God.


HeartSync - developed by Rev./Dr. Andrew Miller, specialising in personality disorders and the "broken-hearted.


Any one can be used exclusively, but we try to use an appropriate mix for each individual client to best suit their needs.  ​We expect by the end of the session you will feel the difference!

  • Inner (emotional) wounds will get healed, which will no longer block your ability to carry out your best intentions. 

  • Your mind will gain clarity of the truth, how to love well and live wisely.

  • You will feel more joyful, peaceful and gain energy (renewed strength).

  • You will gain a greater understanding and high worth of your identity.

  • You will be set free to love others and thereby improve your connection in key relationships which is fulfilling and deeply gratifying.

What SoulCare Prayer does

Here is describe what an session would like.  Each one takes a unique path and we always are attentive to what is going on for our clients, respecting where they are wanting to go, and stopping where they don't want to go.

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