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When a person suffers an overwhelming emotional event, the memory is not processed in the usual part of the brain. Instead, it is kept in the amygdala of the brain which is designed to protect you from perceived threats. The amygdala keeps it readily accessible and will activate responses -- such as flee, fight, freeze or fawn -- to any new event that seems similar.


The amygdala has the power to override the conscious part of the brain which makes this situation difficult to control. The result is that any retained trauma memory will remain able to sabotage your best conscious efforts to change your responses.  


It may also be that such memories are so painful that the conscious mind may not wish to contemplate them. That is why it may be difficult to access these memories and bring them in union with Jesus. These memories, therefore, need to be healed in order to be diffused and processed in the usual way. 


At SoulCare Prayer, we employ several ways to access these memories, based upon the best practices of various inner healing and trauma therapy models. It is simply a matter of bringing the whole of your mind and heart into alignment with the love and gracious truth of God. All that is right and true and good and lovely.


If you want your mind renewed, then your heart needs to be in sync to complete the transformation. Kick those triggers to the curb and let the healing begin.


What will be the result of the healing?

One way of describing the outcome of inner healing is gaining the freedom to be comfortable in your own skin. You can be the real you who is meant to be right with God and knows you are in the center of God’s will. This gives you the freedom to abide and move in His Spirit, and thus thriving in challenging situations, connecting well in relationships, and experiencing a rich, godly life.

This is not about reciting a prayer or learning doctrine. Yes, it's a service that is grounded in the grace of Jesus Christ and fulfills his mission statement at the beginning of his ministry:

He has sent Me to heal the brokenhearted, 
To proclaim liberty to the captives and recovery of sight to the blind,
To set at liberty those who are oppressed and to proclaim the acceptable year of the Lord.”

Luke 4:18

All you have to do is listen to God tell you the truth about your identity as a valued person, made in His image, who is passionate about you experiencing true life. You don't have to have much faith or be religious. You just need to be fully present to listening as we guide you to ask questions. 

The aim is to let go of the false beliefs you learned in times of trauma that were needed to protect your heart.  The "prayer" bit is simply a profound conversation with your heart that allows it to hear what it needs to know to be healed and set free. We guide the conversation with curiosity clothed with compassion. Hear God speak to your heart and let your heart respond.

How Does inner healing Work?

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Videos to Explain how SoulCare Prayer works

Inner Healing for the Brain?

While I focus on inner healing of the emotions, it is actually the right side of the brain which holds most of the limbic system - which we normally associate with the "heart" and the subconscious. Technically speaking, that's where the wounds are and the healing is done.

We need compassion for the wounded!

When we understand why "hurt people hurt people" then we can get some compassion for those who offend us - because they are simply not yet healed.  Yes, it's still offensive, but it's helpful to know that nobody is really meant to be that way.

Get healed - and stay healed!

It is very liberating to be healed and set free from those twisted lies that were trying to protect us (but kept the light out). You've got to "seal the healing" with habits and tactics so as to not succumb to those lies again.

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           Be on Guard for the Battle

Is your spiritual life like a roller coaster?  Can't hang on to your growth or inner healing?  This video is for you! Knowing that you are always on a spiritual battlefield and should expect a counter attack whenever you gain spiritual ground needn't be scary.  Here's a few tips for Spiritual Healing to ensure you hang on to your higher ground. 

Comparison of Inner Healing Styles

Three popular types of Inner Healing Prayer Ministry are briefly compared to gain a basic understanding of the similarities and differences.  Restoring the Foundations (RTF) Elijah House and Bethel Sozo are compared.

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