End the inner pain that holds you back.

Heal your wounded heart that has protected itself by false beliefs.

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What can SoulCare Prayer do for you?

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Bring Hope

Replace the lies that nothing will change with assurance that everything can change!

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Receive Joy

Replace destructive addictions with healthy ways to build the joy you need.


Gain Wisdom

Remove the blockages to hearing God's Truth.

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Know Peace

Replace the darkness of anxiety with the Light that brings freedom and peace.


Feel the Love

Replace that cold, dry heart with the flowing warmth of God's personal love for you.

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Find more of Christ

Replace the lies that keep you from getting closer to Jesus.

I didn't realize how deep was the unforgiveness, anger, bitterness, and hurt.  So happy the resentment has gone...got FREEDOM IN EXCHANGE!!!

BT, March 2022

It build my trust in hearing from God, and I left knowing that God intimately cares about me and loves me. The facilitator helped me feel relaxed, and gently guided me to hear God for myself. I would highly recommend this to someone who is looking for healing, restoration and closeness to God.

AH, July, 2022

What do people say?

It was like having a Dad imparting wisdom that will equip and empower me in my attachment to God and others; I’m very grateful. Thank you so much, I felt loved and cared for all through the ministry time.  NM, January, 2021

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Why do we need inner healing for the soul?

Inner (or emotional) healing releases the truth, love and power of the Holy Spirit in your body, heart and soul.

Your sins may be forgiven but are you living from the new heart Jesus gave you? A follower of Jesus is meant to live a life characterised by love, joy and peace.  


Emotional trauma in the past - especially in childhood - can so easily scar and thus block access to God's love to our hearts.  That will leave us stuck in disbelief and destructive patterns of behaviour.  In other words, our best intentions to "do the right thing" gets sabotaged by unconscious desires for unmet needs for love and protection.


Brain science can explain why this is happening, and therapy or counselling may get to the bottom of it after many sessions.  Why not enlist the help of the Holy Spirit to identify where the heart wound is, get Jesus to help heal the wound and Father-God to set you right with all the love, protection and identity you need?


Let Anne or Glen at SoulCare Prayer get your heart healed of its emotional wounds so you will find new freedom to operate as your true self and find wholeness to every part of you.

Ready for a Session?

Full sessions are about 90 minutes, but the first 30 minutes are free of charge! 

Sessions can take place over Zoom or in person at our retreat house. 

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Together with the Holy Spirit we “Pay attention to the welfare of your innermost being, for from there flows the wellspring of life.”  
Proverbs 4:23 

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Videos to Explain how SoulCare Prayer works

Inner Healing for the Brain?

While I focus on inner healing of the emotions, it is actually the right side of the brain which holds most of the limbic system - which we normally associate with the "heart" and the subconscious. Technically speaking, that's where the wounds are and the healing is done.

We need compassion for the wounded!

When we understand why "hurt people hurt people" then we can get some compassion for those who offend us - because they are simply not yet healed.  Yes, it's still offensive, but it's helpful to know that nobody is really meant to be that way.

Get healed - and stay healed!

It is very liberating to be healed and set free from those twisted lies that were trying to protect us (but kept the light out). You've got to "seal the healing" with habits and tactics so as to not succumb to those lies again.