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Guided conversations with God to heal Your Heart.

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What can Soul Care Prayer do for you?

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Dispel the fear with Inner healing prayer

Find the keys to open the prison door of fear and walk in the fullness of your sonship.

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Discover the peace

Jesus offered a peace that the world doesn't even know about. 


Prayer for the soul upgrade your connection with God

Abiding with the Spirit connects you to God's love, wisdom and strength.

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Thank you Anne! During this session, the Holy Spirit guided me to the root of what was separating me from receiving & accepting the full love of the Father.


I had childhood trauma from ungodly things that my parents were partnering with that I had no control over. Their choices affected me and my environment.


As I grew up & through my adult life, I was reliving this trauma through my own unhealthy choices. I didn't realize how deep the unforgiveness, anger, bitterness, hurt, & resentment had gone...but JESUS HEALED IT ALL!!! He took it ALL away and gave me FREEDOM IN EXCHANGE!!! Spiritual healing prayer worked for me. 

Testimony, March 2022

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Spiritual Healing for Your Soul

Your sins may be forgiven but the goal is to live a life characterised by love, joy and peace.  Leave fear and negative emotions behind. 


Emotional trauma can so easily leave us stuck in despair or destructive patterns of behaviour.  That means our best intentions to "do the right thing" gets sabotaged by unconscious desires for unmet needs for love and protection. With prayer for spiritual healing, you can overcome your fears.


Let Anne or Glen at Soul Care Prayer get your heart healed of its emotional wounds so you will find new freedom to operate as your true self and find wholeness to every part of you.

Thank you so much, it is amazing how powerful the ministry is even over the phone, I felt Gods
presence powerfully during the free soul healing session, particularly over specific moments of healing or breakthrough.  I felt like I got to release an unhealthy coping mechanism or addiction that I don’t need anymore. It’s so wonderful to bring those places to the love of God to receive healing and deliverance from things that have troubled me over half of my life. I’m so grateful to them both for their skill in the ministry and partnership with God. There is no price I can put on this new freedom and peace I have.

- Testimony from MM, March 2022

What Soulcare Prayer does

"I was amazed at how a huge burden lifted from me and I felt a joy like I haven't known in years. I highly recommend this Christian Healing Ministry"

                                                          Stephan, age 57

It was like having a Dad imparting wisdom that will equip and empower me in my attachment to God and others; I’m very grateful. Thank you so much, I felt loved and cared for all through the ministry time.                    NM, January, 2021

Soul Transformation Prayer for Inner Healing

Together with the Holy Spirit we “Pay attention to the welfare of your innermost being, for from there flows the wellspring of life.”  

Proverbs 4:23 

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 Soul care and trauma: Give yourself some soul care today! 
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Tell us where it hurts

Email your inquiry or request a call/chat to ensure this is right for you.

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Book a Session

Tell us your time/date preferences and we'll arrange a zoom call - no matter what time zone you're in.

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Encounter the Care

After your 90 minute online session, expect to find your freedom and inner healing.

Ready for a Session?

Most prayer for soul healing sessions are about 90 minutes and are free of charge, although donations will be gratefully received to enable this ministry to expand. 


Sessions may take place over Zoom or in person at our retreat house. 

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