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What is the truth your heart needs to know?

Heal your wounded heart that has protected itself by false beliefs.

It can take as little as one 90-minute session to find the freedom your heart is looking for.

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What is SoulCare Prayer all about?

Sometimes your brain and heart are not in sync.  You know there is a better way to live - thriving in challenging situations, connecting well in relationships, experiencing a rich spiritual life.

If you're suffering chronic anxiety, depression, shame or any negative emotions, this is not the life you were made for! SoulCare Prayer can help.

This is not about reciting a prayer. It's about getting the truth about your identity as a valued person, made in the image of God, who belongs in this universe. You don't have to have much faith or be religious. 

It's about replacing the false beliefs you learned in times of trauma that were needed to protect your heart.  The "prayer" bit is simply a profound conversation with your heart that allows it to speak what is hidden from your mind.  Let your heart (or maybe the Spirit of Jesus!) respond with the truth that will set you free as we guide the conversations with curiosity clothed with compassion. 

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Experience peace of mind

Replace the darkness of negative thoughts with joy.


Feel the love for others

Refresh your dry heart with flowing waters of love for others.

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Know the love of God

Replace the lies that keep you from getting closer to God.

What do people say?

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I didn't realize how deep was the unforgiveness, anger, bitterness, and hurt.  So happy the resentment has FREEDOM IN EXCHANGE!!!

BT, March 2022

Getting to the core of some of my blocks like no other therapies and modalities have done, and having a clear breakthrough of how all is needed is full surrender and commitment to Jesus... he is my rock and foundation to build from - and what’s needed to live a life of joy and peace!

Thank you, Forever Grateful

February, 2023

It was like having a Dad imparting wisdom that will equip and empower me in my attachment to God and others; I’m very grateful. Thank you so much, I felt loved and cared for all through the ministry time.  

NM, January, 2021

What can SoulCare Prayer do for you?

The basic aim is to allow you to become your true self - and be glad about who you are. That means getting freedom from anxiety, fear, shame, depression or any other negative emotions that stop you from living the "abundant life" Jesus talked about. 


We provide emotional "inner" healing of hearts wounded by traumatic events that formed false beliefs that now stop the flourishing of your soul.


SoulCare Prayer is simply a compassionate conversation with your heart speaking what your mind needs to know. The truth will set you free!

  • Displace lies with truth 

  • Displace fear with faith

  • Displace despair for hope

  • Displace shame with knowing your identity 

Get unstuck today!

  • Exchange anger for patience 

  • Exchange heavy burdens for ability to cope.

  • Exchange doubt for knowing God’s goodness

It's the Divine Exchange!

  • Get rid of unwanted distractions 

  • Make joy your normal 

  • Unlock your prison door with keys of truth 

Feel the winds of change!

  • Tap into fountains of life 

  • Gain courage to be yourself 

  • Open the door to forgiveness

  • Get rid of what’s not right

Get fullness of life!

How about getting a Financial Sozo?

What is your understanding of the purpose of money? We all know it's really important, but where it belong in your life? 


"Money is always and foremost a spiritual power" says Stephen K. De Silva. "It exaggerates what's in your heart." 


Get set free from the bondages of the power of mammon and poverty, and get your finances back on track! Check out this service here!

With SoulCare Prayer, expect to see Soul Transformation after one session, although more complex issues will take several sessions.


Take this opportunity today to invest in your most precious asset – your soul!


Our 90-minute sessions take a familiar pattern of tapping into what is pressing upon your mind, then attuning your heart to hearing where the pain is, and letting in God to comfort, heal and restore.


It's amazing how He faithfully brings healing to your heart and sets your soul free!

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