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How good is it?

A sure-fire way to develop your practical theology is to simply imagine the goodness of God beyond your experience. Start with a picture of an amazingly good father. (Borrow someone’s if you must). Then just extrapolate the goodness, and let your imagination run wild. Can you believe that God is that good? What if you started living out of faith in that picture?

The idea that I started running with is that He cares about every little thing that is going on in my life. He’s got a firm opinion about it. Invite him for a chat about it. Perhaps you’re so well connected that you were thinking the same thing as Him, anyway.

Ask him about simple things like what groceries to buy or which way to turn when taking a walk. Of course, this isn’t about slavish obedience like he doesn’t want to you make decisions, or that you’re not capable of doing so. Its that he simply cares. Then you cultivate the understanding that He is nearby anytime you need Him.

Feel free to ask about changing any of the circumstances in your life you wish were different. He just might be waiting to bless you in that way, and all you need to do is simply to ask, because he wants you to know your circumstances changed because he loves you.

Then there are circumstances that he won’t change. You can ask why not, but don’t expect an answer. Job didn’t get one either. Will you continue believe He is good? Remember, the simple gift you always can give to him is the faith that he has given you. You can ask how to best handle the unhappy circumstances, and He might have some ideas for you mixed with joy and peace about it.

Keep stretching your imagination. He is the "beyond comprehension" one, so a good imagination about that is your friend.

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