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This is the gospel

My evangelistic message

In the beginning, Jesus existed with God and Holy Spirit. There was never a time they didn’t exist, and they dwelt in perfect love and completeness.

In joy, they created everything in the heavens and earth, made humankind in their likeness, and tried in many ways to bring humans into the free fellowship of their love.

At an appointed time, Jesus came to earth to bring truth and grace that resurrects humans out of their darkness into the light of life. This was foretold among the prophets over many centuries and was announced at the time by John the Baptiser.

Although the world was made through him, the world did not recognize him – nor even his chosen people from whom the prophets wrote. But there were some who recognized him and believed in him and began to follow him and lived as he taught.

They all received the light of life, and since then the darkness has not been able to overcome the light nor even understand it. All who believe in Jesus are born anew as children of God because they receive the Holy Spirit which breathes new life into their souls.

This is the good news of Jesus Christ: that getting right with God is through faith; that is, a gift for anyone who believes in the death and resurrection of Jesus. For Jesus paid the penalty of our all our wrongs and made us fit thereby to receive the new life of the Holy Spirit.

This takes away the power of sin and death through fear of punishment and allows our souls to receive the love of God. This new way of life allows us to live freely in accordance with God’s wisdom and love that he lavished on us through the Holy Spirit.

While moral laws prescribe right-living behavior, grace and truth has come through Jesus Christ so that all who live in accordance with this new way naturally fulfill all moral laws. In freedom, they have access to all wisdom, love, and power to be transformed into a person who demonstrates the goodness of God.

Declare aloud that you believe and commit your life to live this new way and you shall receive the Holy Spirit who will empower you to live in the light as Jesus is in the light.

Here is an alternative way to follow the grand story with specific scripture references:

· To understand God's love, you must understand what you have done. (1 John 1:10.)

· God's love for us will not prevent Him from punishing our sin. (Roman's 2:11-15.)

· God's love does provide us an escape from our sin.(John 3:16.)

· We can all be saved—no matter who we are or what we have done—by trusting in Christ. (Romans 3:21-24.)

· Christ wants you to change your life. (Acts 2:39.)

· God's love will change your life. (1 Corinthians 13; read the entire chapter.)

· God's love offers you eternal life. (John 11: 25, 26.)

· You have to decide for yourself who you think Jesus is. (Matthew 16:15, 16.)

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