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Get your ears on for God

Updated: Nov 22, 2022

In those times when my heart is aching to connect with God, but I'm feeling so dry and inept, that's when I need a primer. If one could only just kneel, open the mouth and let it all flow out! Then I tried heart-washing the of my heart!

I've been applying "heart-washing" now for a while, and it's made all the difference to my prayer life and also connecting with God "on the go". I can feel as empty as a tin can in a hot desert, and without a thought of how to begin prayer.

But then I remember some of those basic truths about God - the stuff about being good, holy, loving, caring, etc. I just decide whether I'm going to say "yes, I believe" in spite of how I feel. Then I begin to unhurriedly say these truths out loud.

Over and over again, in a relaxed way, keeping my mind focused on just one internal thought: I believe that's who you are, God. It takes longer at first because you're not sure of where this is going. Hang in there long enough and you'll feel the joy and peace rising up. Your heart is being washed!

You can do this in a contemplative "breath-prayer" way: say each phrase as you exhale slowly. That's a good way to start, but I like to finish with a joyful shout if I really feel it. What is happening? Your brain circuits are becoming open to hearing God. Your ears are now "on".

Remember, faith is the currency in the kingdom of God. It's your only credentials; leave your repentance, your wish-list and your good works on the shelf. The conversation with God only can start when you recognise that all the goodness is about Him: from Him, through Him and to Him.

That's what we do to start a session at SoulCare Prayer: we get the heart washed and the ears (to hearing God) on. At this point you can start your inquiry, asking for answers and making your requests known. But keep in the "attitude of gratitude" which is centred in believing God is good.

You can improve any connection time with God using this method: before worship or listening to someone preach: that's why we practice worshipping adoration songs at the beginning of so much of what we do in fellowship. And you can do it "on the go" as you just check in with God spontaneously.

Many have used this technique before having those deep conversations with God, especially when "inquiring" with spoken words or writing in a journal. When your listening "ears are on" you can just tune into those whispered thoughts and you'll soon find that God is far from silent - He almost never runs out of things to say!

At SoulCare Prayer, we have learned the art of asking the right questions that can lead to wonderful responses from God that may be the truths that your heart is longing to hear. You can learn that for yourself too - with practice!

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